Today I Learned Metathread

All things I learned that doesn’t count as a post, in reverse chronological order.

Last updated: 2024-01-24


To clean up local git branches deleted on a remote upstream, Erik Schierboom provided a way to delete them at once. To summarize, you can issue the following commands in the terminal:

git fetch -p && \
git for-each-ref --format '%(refname:short) %(upstream:track)' | \
  awk '$2 == "[gone]" {print $1}' | \
  xargs -r git branch -D

The linked article above also lists another command that aliases the process to git gone:

git config --global alias.gone "! git fetch -p && git for-each-ref --format '%(refname:short) %(upstream:track)' | awk '\$2 == \"[gone]\" {print \$1}' | xargs -r git branch -D"


Some days ago I was merging two audio tracks and combining them with a video, and pleasantly found out that .mov extensions can have .wav (pcm_s16e) as the audio track format, while .mp4s cannot. So I can extract the audio, edit them in Ardour, export them into wav, and combine with video into a mov container without any proprietary aac stuff involved. Which means I don’t need another version of ffmpeg, and can use the system-provided one.

Most phones play .mov anyway, so what’s to lose?


I just came across Michał “rysiek” Woźniak’s blog which has this gorgeous black-orange style and curved lines. The placement of the menu is chef’s kiss too, as it just blends into the header and feels super natural. Definitely an inspiration if I were to overhaul the visuals of this blog.


Linux quick fix: how to connect to a previously connected network without waiting

If you’re using the wl driver on Macs like me, you may know that the driver more than ofter has problems with establishing connections. The reproducible solution to quickly connect to a previously connected network while connected to another Wi-Fi is the following:

(Do note that I’m using KDE Plasma. Procedures may differ on other setups)

  1. Press “connect” on the Wi-Fi you are to connect to.
  2. Wait for about 2 seconds (with the dialog saying “Establishing connection…”).
  3. Disable Wi-Fi.
  4. Re-enable Wi-Fi. It may start to try connecting to another network (if the network is present).
  5. Press connect on the desired Wi-Fi SSID again.



Android Magisk module patching Noto Sans & Serif CJK to support all weights.


A Guitar / Bass pedals DIY forum.


Use Appimages in portable mode