Hello! I’m Wen-Wei Kao (Trad. Chi: 高文偉), web handle “ltlnx” or “litelinux”.

Interests include:

Computer stuff

Typography and Fonts

Graphics Design


My main language is Chinese (Taiwan), but feel free to talk or write to me in English or Traditional/Simplified Chinese. My Spanish is still pretty poor, but you could also communicate with me in Spanish if you prefer :)

The site

I like to keep my personal site simple, so there’s not a lot of fluff around. The current colors are stolen from Jonas Hietala’s blog, and not a lot are going on in the CSS. I also regularly test my site on frugal browsers such as Netsurf, Dillo and Lynx, so hopefully the site would work on any browser.

The site is a WIP, so comments, feedback and suggestions on the content or the site are welcome.

Obligatory Disclosure

Opinions I express here are my own, however I feel obligatory to disclose payments or gifts that shape or influence my opinions. For a full list see Disclosures and FAQs.

Privacy Disclaimer

This site does not intend to collect any of your data. There are no Javascript, DOM Storage, cookies, or analytics. Nothing but HTML, CSS and images. If you find any kind of data collection, it’s probably done by my hosting provider Codeberg; in that case please send me a message, preferably along with evidence (such as webpagetest reports, proxy app logs, network logs, etc.) It’s one reason I moved away from Github Pages.

The site’s content is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license. In addition to the license, I hope that you would drop me a line before copying or printing, especially if you’re a commercial or news site. Failure to comply would probably not trigger law infringement, but would be considered disrespectful.

Everyone are welcome (encouraged actually!) to archive this site as a whole, or archive full text on individual pages, but please do not copy full articles onto commercial sites (or content farms). To archive the site, just go to the site’s Codeberg source page and click the download button on the top left of the main code area. Git clones are also supported:

git clone https://codeberg.org/ltlnx/pages.git

All my code responsible for (re)creating the site is licensed MIT. I rewrote the generation code on 2023-11-13, and I’m in the process of cleaning it up and making sure it can work standalone before uploading it anywhere.

Linking Criteria

Please only link to the site on your personal site, of when sharing on ActivityPub-compatible social media sites. When in doubt (or if you want to link from elsewhere), please contact me.

Updates on the Site

For technical update logs see Website update log.

Contact Info

Codeberg: @ltlnx
Fediverse: @ltlnx@g0v.social
Email: ltlnx a disroot d com (d=dot, a=at)
For other means of contact (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc.) please query through email.

Last updated: 2023-11-14

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