Make Slackbuilds Work Well With Github

While writing a Slackbuild, I encountered a problem where I’m not sure how to work with Github Release tags. The problem goes as follows:


I’ve encountered a problem when writing SlackBuilds for fcitx5 – the Github releases only has tags, not tarballs. However, tags downloaded from Github don’t have the package name in the filename. For example, if I want to download version 5.0.18 from their “Releases” page by clicking on “tar.gz” on the tag, the downloaded file would have the filename “5.0.18.tar.gz”, as opposed to “fcitx5-5.0.18.tar.gz”.

In this case, should the Slackbuild assume the filename “fcitx5-5.0.18.tar.gz”? Or should I change it to only assume the version number (“5.0.18.tar.gz”)? TIA.

Best regards, Wen-Wei Kao (ltlnx)

I posted this to the SlackBuild-Users mailing list, and members Fernando and Alexander promptly replied with this link:

The document informs users how to download source files from Github in order to use the SlackBuilds. However this isn’t linked anywhere in the main site. So I’m keeping this here for reference.