Install and Boot the Linux Mint Kernel on Slackware


Do note that this procedure is HIGHLY discouraged. While booted into Slackware with the Linux Mint kernel, I face some issues such as

Other problems that I can’t recall at the time of writing also exists. Expect buggy performance, and please do not do this on production devices.


Since I upgraded my laptop from kernel version 5.14.1 to 5.15.12, sleep (suspend) stopped working. I switched all the power actions in KDE from “Sleep” to “Hibernate” as a workaround. However recently I tested Linux Mint on this laptop, and sleep worked as expected, so I wonder if this has something to do with the kernel or kernel modules.

To test if this is the case, I swapped the Linux Mint kernel and modules onto Slackware and booted it. Magically, sleep started working. This is a guide on how I made it work.



In Slackware

In Linux Mint

After making sure everything works and suspend is working correctly, reboot.

In Slackware

[Note] This part assumes you use ELILO, the bootloader shipped with Slackware as the current default. If you use GRUB or other bootloaders, procedures may differ.

After installing Linux Mint, GRUB automatically takes precedence over other bootloaders. We need to fix that with efibootmgr.

Booting the new kernel

At this point, your system should be booted with the Mint kernel. Test if sleep works; if it does, congratulations!

Bonus: Making the system boot the Linux Mint kernel by default