GDSC Select-Course
System Usability Exploration


This small article is written after a bit of poking around a supposed replacement for the Course Selection System of NCCU, the current university I’m in. The old system is a mixed bag of old IIS/ASP with a separate(!) course exploration system based on Javascript. Moreover, they have two completely different UIs and conventions, and needless to say, the whole experience is pretty confusing for freshmen like me last year.

So a team led by the Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) aspired to change this horrendous spaghetti-mix into a more streamlined experience. They tried to implement most parts of the system in a single website, and modernized the UI with Google elements. The frontend (and backend presumably) is written in Flutter. (UPDATE according to the PM they use React.) Good idea, isn’t it?

Nevertheless when they opened the system up for public beta-testing, I find some UI elements and paradigms either clunky to use, or doesn’t feel straightforward, so I decided to document my personal pain-points and make some mockups to better illustrate what I was looking for. Therefore these are all my personal opinions, and should not be viewed as advice.

The rest of the article is in Chinese. Grab a translator if you feel like it!



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Carousel-esque display in the landing popup mockup







Last updated: 2022-10-06